// ah! ;;

I haven’t posted an actual post in a while! Sorry about that! :D

Well, first of all… people still talk about the performances even though that was over a while ago. It’s so embarrassing! ///// But I accept the compliments with gratefulness and I thank them a lot. I got to see the cute little ducklings and the mommy duck walking in our enclosed courtyard. They’re so adorable…! Everybody likes to stop to look at them for a while.

My quiz today was horrible. I had the worst trouble trying to remember the formulas. ;_; I guess I can’t wait until I take Algebra II. ;__; Umm, our state assessment is coming up soon, but we have this huge social studies/English project that we’re trying to crank out before May 8th-ish.

The anime club was nice. We’re roleplaying next week, but we spent today singing. :D

But I feel rather tired today…


One response to “// ah! ;;

  1. Asa April 28, 2010 at 6:08 am

    I didn’t get to see pooky’s performance, but me bets it was amazing~ :3

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