// abnormally stressed ;;

I have a huuuuuuuuge Social Studies/English project due Monday for 70 points in each class.

First, we had to make our ‘question’ by selecting our topic. my topic was, “What was America’s involvement in the Vietnam War, and how did it create an anti-war movement?” Because it had to relate to US history. So by using America’s side of the war, we learn about US history, yay!

Then we created four guiding questions to answer our essential question. Yes, it sounds complicated, but it’s not rocket science. “What was America’s involvement in the Vietnam War?” “How were Americans impacted by the war?” “What was the anti-war movement?” “What were the lasting effects of the anti-war movement?” By answering these *smaller* questions, you answer the big one. Yay!

We researched facts for all four questions and created at least two to four paragraphs for each question. Then we had to create an annotated bibliography for all the sources we used, and explain how it helped, where we used it, how it was useful, etc. Typed up in final form.

Then we created a process journal, each day was a small story about how we progressed on our project and had to type that up in final form. Then we have to look for an “interview” to help answer a few questions that we may not find anywhere else. So you could basically have a real-life interview or an email on and such. We had to cite that also.

Then we have to look for two to four images for each guiding question, essentially. It has to look neat, final-form, etc.

Ohhh, it’s taken so much work. We’ve been working on it for 13 days, it’s due in 5 days, the 10th of May. It’s stressful! But I haven’t procrastinated, so I’m proud.

School otherwise was decent, I suppose.


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