// decoration ;;

Today, was a pretty exciting day for the most part.

7:30, got to school and went to find the classmate that I had planned to help decorate the room with.
7:34, called math teacher down to office as distraction while we went in and decorated his room.

We stayed past first period (he has planning period and we have science who let us stay)… And we did pretty good, hahaha.

His door looks somewhat similar to this screen. But it looks gorgeous, no?

Hey, those are my balloons! That's the kid that planned out this whole thing and brought the streamers. Look at the computer and chair.

Those are balloons that a friend brought. Look at those streamers back there!

Obviously, I didn't help with the streamers. I wasn't even tall enough even with the desk. But hey, they did a great job. Poor smiley face poster...

So yeah… while I couldn’t help with streamers (darn shortness), I helped with a few other things. It turns out that our math teacher loved it, hahaha. We were very happy. So were the students in his class the rest of the day.

We still took our math test though, it wasn’t… horrendously bad… But I don’t think I did great.. *Sighs*

The rest of the day consisted of getting candy from a substitute teacher, walking around too much and heat getting to me. :D Happy weekend!


2 responses to “// decoration ;;

  1. xsakuraa May 16, 2010 at 7:00 am

    xD Your class is so nice to your math teacher! Was it his birthday? xD Or just for being an amazing teacher, everyone did this?

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