// testing ;;


Yatta!! Testing’s over, so I can go back to being sleepy in the morning instead of actually sleeping through the tests! Of course, I still have my little Geometry final (not so little) to worry about, but that’s in… next month. Shoot.

Nevertheless, I’m kind of relieved, though I wonder if I actually did any good on those tests. (Math, Science, Reading and Writing [I almost typed Wrighting…])

Well, other than that, I believe I’m doing okay. I’m a little tired, but when am I not? Hm, I still have to present my speech tomorrow, so wish me luck!


2 responses to “// testing ;;

  1. Asa May 20, 2010 at 6:11 am

    HUrray for pooky!
    Asa still has next week of testing though ; A ;
    Good luck on your speech tomorrow~

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