// sigh, sunday ;;

I’m really tired. I slept a lot during church because it was hurting to breathe, so I wanted the pain to disappear. I also had these daydreams, and they also hurt, haha. So I guess no matter what I did, I’d either have physical pain or emotional pain. It stinks…

We ate and then drove my cousin home… Then drove home and back up (it’s about 20 minutes from the church to home.) My sister had a dentist’s appointment, so after that, we drove back home and to the mall, where we wandered the entire time. Well, I bought a bit of origami paper and mommy bought various things also.

Umm, I got home around 6:30-ish and I worked on a puzzle with my sister. I played a bit or Ar tonelico and I’m finally online now. I get a little upset when my friends talk about Dist-kun, because I can’t be as close to him as people believe we are… Distance is a painful thing. But I hope I can continue to wait… but my friends say it might be a long time away, but they hope things will work out. I also hope so. ^^

One response to “// sigh, sunday ;;

  1. xsakuraa May 24, 2010 at 5:06 am

    Never give up Hikari! :3 Remember what you told me. xD Be brave. *hugs* ^___^

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