// dead ;;

@_@ I’m so tired…

Well, I struggled to get up this morning, so that was absolutely a pain. I got to school and wandered around, talking to various people. Well, my day was pretty normal, except I think I failed my math test this week… Um, we took a test in P.E. and I think I failed that too, lol..

Umm, lunch was decent, we talked and sang and whatnot. Let’s see, I got an early dismissal in English class and I went to my new high school. It’s so big!! >_<

It's two stories! Gaaaah.

I WAS going to post a picture of my friend and I here. But I look silly in pigtails, heh. And I’m sure my friend wouldn’t be happy to see herself here. :3

So, my doctor is a troll and he went home before I got to have my appointment. Thanks. ;_; So I have to last until I can go again, which may be a while. Allergies are acting up too and my coughing hurts so badly.

So I came home around 9:00pm from being at school and I’m so tired. ;_;


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