// down ;;


I felt really tired today, heh… I got to school and followed one of my friends around for a while before heading to science class. We did a report and I finished mine in class, so I sent it to her (my science teacher).

We went to math class and we had a substitute teacher… I finished my math homework. Yay.

In P.E., we ran the mile… I can just say I wasn’t content with it and I wasn’t feeling great at all.. But I got 11 minutes. ^^

In social studies, I talked to one of my friends for a while and helped them with their bibliography.

In English, we worked on a few things here and there, I was just glad the week was over.

I have a four-day weekend now, but I’m tired and I caught a cold… I might be in bed most of the time tomorrow if it gets worse like this. I’m just feeling horrible. But I still have some homework to do, so oh well…

Happy Weekend, everyone. I believe I’m spending Memorial Day visiting my grandma’s sister who died about.. 7 years ago?


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