// some achievement ;;

Ahh, I’ve been so stressed out! But I made some (5) icons <3

4 Umineko no Naku Koro ni (no spoilers)
– 3 Beatrice
– 1 Bernkastel
1 Rozen Maiden
– Souseiseki

Anyway, as I feel accomplished about making icons while it’s approaching midnight, I have my math final tomorrow, hooray. Not looking forward to it, because throughout the year, I’ve gotten 2-3 A’s on tests in Geometry, and I’m pretty sure I may bomb this one as well.

I’m not feeling very confident, but I’m also not… horribly depressed about it, I suppose. I’m just nervous about moving onto Algebra II, where I’ll be beginning my high school classes in an actual high school classroom.

Meanwhile, as the clock ticks down massively quick, I’m a little disappointed that we have yet another project which is unfair to those who are going to the water park as reward. We have Wednesday, (Thursday we’re gone), Friday is our special assembly and Monday’s just waving off for Campus Day. So we have tomorrow to do a project which is nearly impossible… But oh well.

Either way, I’m a little overwhelmed… Since I also have a birthday party on Friday-Saturday, and Father’s Day is rapidly approaching. Goodness…

Well, I just hope everything turns out alright for me.

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