// awards?! ;;

Agh… I’m quite disappointed.

Our classes were about 30 minutes each with the exception of 5th period. I had a lot of people write into my little autograph booklet, lots of things that could strike tears. I’ll really miss a lot of my friends, especially the ones going to another high school.

We had our 8th grade assembly, where awards were given out… I received the following, though I crossed out my name for obvious reasons. :3

I received three, but I’ll show you two of them…

Oh, outstanding in P.E, because I totally push myself. :3


Here's the plaque I received for female student of the year.

Although I’m not quite happy about the plaque because I didn’t want to be recognized for something I want to do: help others. I help other people smile, with their work and everything… But there’s no need to give me something or give me recognition to make me feel good. I’m just happy that people I help are. I’m grateful though…

The end is almost coming… So I’m almost done with middle school…


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