// tiiiiiiireeeed ;;

4 Umineko no Naku Koro ni Icons
— 2 Eva-Beatrice
— 2 Erika Furudo

— Yukine Miyazawa
1 Hayate no Gotoku! Icon
— Nagi Sanzen’in
Agh, I had to walk a lot today. Here’s a detailed description of my misery.

First, I got out of bed earlier than I intended, around 6am, and when I went back to bed, I refused to get up. Eventually, I did, and that was around 9:06am. I took a shower and got ready and stuff, and left my inhaler at home (because I’m totally smart..)

Well, we had intended to meet at the bubble tea place… That wasn’t opened yet. Oh, Dan planned all this. Yeah, so we discovered that he wasn’t a very smart person because he didn’t look up the schedule. So we walked a few blocks down to a restaurant waiting for another friend, Kaleb, who ended up not coming because his parents wouldn’t let him walk the busy roads, which is quite understandable. So I texted him part of the time so that he wouldn’t feel bad.

After we solicited around the restaurant area, we left and went back to the bubble tea, THAT STILL WASN’T OPENED. (T_T) So we went to Panda Express about a block or two away from the bubble tea place and ate there. When we got out, it turns out that it was opened (facepalm moment) and we ended up not going… Because I wanted to buy something for my grandma and sister, but wouldn’t have enough for bubble tea anyway.

So I bought chicken wings for my grandma and sister, but then we walked to Dan’s house and messed around for a while (mainly me failing miserably on the piano). Alison found out that Dan and I were second cousins, and Angela had tons of fun figuring out several things.

Anyway, after that horrible walk of 3 1/4 miles was over, I had blisters on my feet, which I discovered weren’t very… fun. I got home and sat around, until mommy came home and I told her of the fun we had. /sarcasm

Then we went to Best Buy because mommy needed a new SD card for her camera, and I wanted to buy a book… Mind you, not at Best Buy, at the Barnes and Noble about 20 seconds away. XP I bought Romeo and Juliet, and I realized it’s nothing like the anime (obviously, when you discover in the anime that Juliet disguises herself as a guy who protects the village, something is wrong with the old days.)

Um, otherwise, I’ve been tired and trying to finish multitude of games, which hasn’t happened. >->


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