// strangest of days ;;

4 Tales of Symphonia Icons
— 3 Presea
— 1 Genis

Hmm, my day wasn’t too normal, so let’s talk about it. :3

First of all, my mommy always has coffee before church, I guess so she can stay up, lawl. Well, she always does. So today, I drank a bit of her coffee, and I told her it was to be able to stay up in church. So I sipped it, and my eyes literally widened and I questioned the awful thing she was drinking. Coffee is just.. Bleeech. D:

So I didn’t sleep during church! Anyway, after our adventure around town as we always do on Sundays… Well, after this, it’ll be no longer, because mommy will work 7 days a week along with daddy… They’re working so hard, I just feel awful…

So I was helping around the kitchen, helping with getting all the food ready for a hot pot that I wasn’t even going to be included in, lol. But I helped around and my chest literally feels like it’s going to explode… My heartbeat is either irregular, or my heart is just filled with something that makes me want to explode… It really hurts…

But anyway… I went to a barbeque (more like dragged) and just sat around most of the time. Mommy came out of the bathroom and told me there was a weighing scale in there and I should weigh myself. She likes to compete with me. I’ve been eating American food most of my life, so there’s really no competing.

But anyway, mommy is a little shorter than me and she’s 109lbs. I’m taller and I weigh 99lbs… But my weight fluctuates between 90lbs and 110lbs… So it’s kind of annoying. My weight has always been somewhat abnormal, I guess.

After that, we came home and here I am. I want to trap myself in my room to hide from the fireworks, because of last year’s occurrence… So if you may, I’ll just kind of.. sit here…


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