// tired… again ;;

Updated “Android” Page

Salutations! I can’t begin to understand how time as gone by so fast.

I realize that 24 hours in a day is not enough. Or rather, 2 and a half months is not enough for summer vacation. I am leaving in approximately two and a half weeks (maybe three? Too lazy to calculate) and it’ll just be a nightmare. I’ll probably lose track of time, since I’ll be spending all my time hiding from the sun, darn it.

I’ve been trying to finish a lot of things, but I’ve always been really busy and whatnot… So there isn’t much I can do. Hopefully I can finish one anime series in particular, but I’ll miss out on a few summer anime, not like I was really looking forward to any other besides BRS and Shiki, lol.
cons or
But anyway, I’ll try to make more graphics, maybe make myself an LJ for these icons or something. I’ve decided to return myself to DF to roleplay until I have to leave, but I’m not really sure how much roleplaying I’ll actually get done. *Shrugs*

Well, I hope you’re all enjoying your summer. I’ll add more info to my profile page if you want to track me down. Take care, everyone! ;D


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