// complications ;;

Urgh… It wasn’t the greatest day today. >->

I didn’t mind waking up at six, since mommy has to work by eleven, but we still have to go to church. I wasn’t tired until after we went eating, since I fell asleep on the way to my grandma’s house. We watched the final 2010 World Cup match and I started to cough so hard that I felt like I was going to throw up blood everywhere. I took deep breaths and I laid on the sofa for the while… And it’s still been hurting for many hours.

I’ve been trying not to stand up or speak so loudly or anything, but my body is just aching from the pain that my coughing caused. My chest kept pounding every time I let out a cough and I’m feeling horrible… I want to sleep early today, but I’m having a few other problems.. I’m hoping I can breathe alright again soon, at least, I hope things will go away before I have to leave on my trip. It’ll get complicated if I start throwing up blood everywhere…lol.

In other news, I played Ar tonelico and I’m taking both Misha and Aurica’s routes, so I’ll try playing them part after part so that they’re close, so I can relate the scenes to the characters. So far, it’s been pretty fun. ^^ And Umineko, I left it at home, but it’s been a ton of fun reading it.

Anyway, I have to go swimming tomorrow, so I suppose I have to relax myself some. Enjoy your week, everyone~


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