// 100 facts ;;

I’ve decided to allow all of you to know me better. So through these 100 facts, I hope you don’t get bored.

“Boredom is the only poison that can kill me. …So don’t kill me, alright?” –Bernkastel

1) I started using the internet when I was 9 years old. It was when my aunt was married to her second husband, whom she’s divorced with now and I guess totally forgot about him.
2) I hate being in pictures. I look tremendously hideous in them. :3
3) I often refuse to get out of bed because I’m always thinking about something.
4) My dreams are always depressing at some point.
5) I prefer mechanical pencils over regular pencils.
6) I dislike talking on the phone because I always feel like my voice sounds weird.
7) I love animals, but I don’t like being around them because I am scared of them.
8) I am somewhat a hypocrite.
9) I enjoy spicy foods and would like to try mapo tofu.
10) I rode my first rollercoaster at the age of 14 and screamed even on the way up.
11) In truth, I want to save my first kiss on the lips for the day I get married if possible.
12) I’ve taken an interest in heterochromia.
13) My favorite number is 13.
14) I’ve had suicidal thoughts.
15) If I’m not listening to you, I’m likely trying to sing a song in my head so that I’m being polite. :3
16) I never managed to keep a blog for a long time until a certain Dist asked me to make a blog and I’ve kept it for so long!
17) Even I don’t understand the emotions I feel. Jealousy especially.
18) In real life, I’m super-apologetic and I’m often known as the girl who has manners…
19) I’m often persistent.
20) I don’t get angered easily, and I’m somewhat patient.
21) Certain places, I speak in third person.
22) I’ve roleplayed in real life before.
23) I’ve performed on stage twice, once in front of ~300 parents/students and the other in front of my middle school (~900).
24) At the performance, I sang Bad Apple!! from Touhou.
25) As a child, I didn’t think middle/high school existed.
26) English is my second language.
27) I’ve received a plaque for “female student of the year”.
28) My parents rarely attend any events I participate in.
29) I wonder what it’s like to die.
30) My favorite color is purple/blue.
31) My favorite flower is the hydrangea.
32) I have pictures that my friends drew me in kindergarten.
33) My eye sight fails.
34) I enjoy sight-seeing, even if I don’t go anywhere worth sight-seeing.
35) My favorite character in the history of favorite characters is Nagisa Furukawa from CLANNAD.
36) I’ve done graphics since I was 9 years old.
37) My legs have always been weak and they give in if I walk too long, and therefore I fall over.
38) I often go to school even if I’m ill and fall asleep everywhere.
39) I went to school with a fever so that I could take a math test.
40) I was bed-ridden for 3 days in the middle of snowing December because I got a huge fever.
41) When my internet gave out, I had sent/received 17000+ texts of July 2009.
42) I enjoy drinking Jasmine tea.
43) I often refuse to eat school lunch.
44) I do not often read books. .-.
45) Math is my favorite subject, but I get the worst grades in it.
46) The first anime I watched was Hamtaro.
47) The first manga I read was Tokyo Mew Mew.
48) My favorite anime and manga genres are mystery/horror and drama/romance.
49) I enjoy consuming raw fish.
50) I once owned a katana.
51) I have the fear of heights.
52) I climbed a 50ft rock wall in the rain and slipped and hit myself against said wall. Of course, you couldn’t see me crying in the rain. :3
53) I cannot swim.
54) I was in a canoe with two other people in the middle of the lake and flipped the canoe over. >->
55) I once rode a bike and I fell over, and the bike handle hit my chest and I was laying in the middle of the road unable to breathe.
56) I have the fear of riding bikes. .-.
57) I believe in ghosts and spirits lurking around.
58) I’ve been to one other state in the US: Nevada.
59) I’m terrible at board games.
60) People claim I’m bad at card games but I won once because I kept giggling and people didn’t know what was going on. :3
61) I once lost my Game Boy Micro and a police officer said he was going to find it… .-.
62) I often do homework at school so that I don’t have to do it at home.
63) I was in a talent show in the 5th grade, singing Aozora no Namida from Blood+.
64) I’ve always wanted to be able to use magic.
65) I have a clear scar on my right wrist, but I never discovered where that was from. o_o
66) I’m often a forgiving person.
67) I generally try to be happy so that others will not worry.
68) My health issues have worried others and I feel bad about it.
69) I enjoy drinking bubble tea. :3
70) My hair is often up in a ponytail until evening.
71) I had my first s’more when I was 14 years old.
72) I learned to read in English during preschool.
73) I never took an ESL class.
74) I dislike science and social studies.
75) The first game I ever played was a Sailor Moon game on the Game Boy Color.
76) I always wonder what it’s like to win the lottery.
77) The only household chores I can do thus far are cleaning, dishes, and laundry.
78) The longest obsession I’ve had is/was Umineko.
79) I like gummies. :3
80) Airplane rides always make me sleepy.
81) I get angry when I pull down the shield thing from the car to block the sun from my eyes, and I’m not tall enough for it to block the sun. .-.
82) I often daydream.
83) I despise bitter foods/drinks.
84) My favorite food is Fettuccini Alfredo.
85) I’ve always wanted to sit on top of a hill and watch the stars.
86) I’m a boring person.
87) I’ve always tried this pose, and can never pull it off right.
88) I made a vow to attempt a Drunk Nagisa when I drink my first glass of wine.
89) I someday want a garden to take care of.
90) I dislike compliments because I get all embarrassed. ^^;
91) I often break into tears when I’m alone due to overwhelming stress.
92) Cold weather gets me sick easily, but warm weather makes it harder for me to breathe.
93) I have to yell for my sister to understand, but it really hurts to. Emotionally and physically.
94) My habits are things that are bad for me and the people I know.
95) I’ve begun to learn a little more Japanese, hopefully.
96) I love my family and friends.
97) I’m often tired and lethargic…
98) Philosophical topics are always on my mind.
99) I love, love, love my boyfriend. <3
100) I can count to 100 in French, Vietnamese and English. :3


4 responses to “// 100 facts ;;

  1. asa July 18, 2010 at 9:47 pm

    That is indeed a long list of facts about you…
    But you forgot one!
    That your nickname is Pooky!

  2. Anonymous July 18, 2010 at 3:12 am

    101) There is someone who loves and misses her more than she will ever know.

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