// is that all? ;;

Ah, I’ve had a somewhat boring, yet good week~

I’m about two weeks away from leaving for a month, and (hopefully) I’ll blog during that time if I manage to get to the internet or something… Hopefully I will. I’ve been trying to find plug adaptors and voltage converters to bring with me to Vietnam, and I’m hoping it works out, haha. So that I can charge my DSi and find Wi-Fi to get online with. I really do hope I will get to be online during that time. Sigh.

Secondly, I’ve been trying to get through as much of Umineko as I can, and I’m on EP3 right now. I already watched the anime’s third arc, and man, Eva-Beatrice is cruel… But I find Beatrice to be cruel as well. Ah, witches are quite cruel, ne? Hopefully I can get through EP3 and EP4 in two weeks, and maybe if I’m lucky, I can read EP5 and EP6 as well. :3 Although if I don’t manage to get through them before I leave for Vietnam, I’ll finish it when I come back, if the stupid jet lag doesn’t kill my sleep schedule ~2 days before school starts.

Hmm, I’ve feeling a little more tired than usual and whenever I’m half-awake while trying to sleep, my body feels all numb and I can’t move my fingers, and it frightens me a bit. I can’t say my breathing’s gotten better, but I have to get used to it if I’m going to be leaving the country for a month. It’ll probably get worse if I’m in a different environment, but I’ll get used to it, I hope, hahaha.

Some other new things have happened, but I won’t talk about it here. We can just assume that I’ve been happier than usual. :3


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