// umineko meme ;;

Bwahahaha, I’m bored again. Potential Spoilers.

1. First of all, are you anti-fantasy or anti-mystery?
Bah, I can’t decide. While I do think this mystery should be solved, I don’t want the magic to disappear. ;_;

2. Name some of your favorite characters!
Kyrie, Bernkastel, Lambdadelta, Battler, Kanon, Shannon…

3. Now name your favorite pairings!
Hmmm. HideyoshixEva. Eva gets cute-like around Hideyoshi, and I like it. :3

4. Name some of your LEAST favorite characters…
Rosa, Gohda, Natsuhi…

5. Name your LEAST favorite parings.

6. Do you have any theories? Name your favorite! ^^ (Ex. Who is Battler’s real mother?)
Hum, Eva-Hideyoshi Closed Door Theory.

7.Who has the coolest clothing or sense of style? (Girly question FTW >;3 )
Jessica, bwahaha. :3

8. If you could be any character in Umineko, who would you be?
Hmm, maybe Kyrie or Bernkastel.

9. If you could make any non-canon pairing real, which pairing would you make?
ShannonxKanon. That’s not canon, is it?

10. (Sorry guys! ) GeorgexShannon, JessicaxKanon or ShannonxKanon?
JessicaxKanon, I guess. ShannonxKanon is cute too.

11. In your opinion, who is the hottest female Umineko character?
Kyrie. :3

12. Who is the hottest male character?
Nanjo. Battler.

12.5 And who’s a pimp?
Nanjo. Battler.

13. And would you mind if these two people were a canon pairing?
Uh, Battler and his step-mom? I would mind. >_>

14.Which Umineko character song is your favorite?

15. Name some of your favorite Umineko BGMS.
Dreamenddischarger, and the EP1 opening.

16. What do you think of the Umineko genderbends? (Ex. Battler being female, Beato being male, etc.)
They have those? o_o

17. What non-Umineko song reminds you of Umineko?
Inori no Kanata.

19. Is LamdaxBern canon?
I suppose. o-o

20. In order, which Umineko arcs were your favorite? (Ex. EP1, EP3, EP4, EP2)
ALL OF THEM. *Cackles*

21. Which portrait is your favorite?
Ummmm, EP6 and EP7.

22. Which witch powers would you like to have?
Lambdadelta’s Witch of Certainty.

23. Which human character would you like to see as a Beatrice?

24. Name three of the Seven Sisters of Purgatory that describe you best.
Hmm. Leviathan (Envy), Lucifer (Pride)? I can’t think of a third.~

25. Name the seven sisters that suit you the least.
Satan, I suppose.

26. What would Battler say if Beato told him that #18 doesn’t exist on this quiz? >:Z
“… Wha, I didn’t even notice…!” (Maybe that’s MY reaction, but…)

27. Who’s your favorite siesta?
45. So cute. XD

28. Who’s your favorite human adult?
Kyrie and Hideyoshi and Genji.

29. Least favorite?
Gohda and Rosa.

30. If you’ve already played EP5, ignore this question, if not, why do you think many people hate Erika Furudo?
She trolls? I don’t know. o-o

31. If you’ve played EP5, do YOU like Erika?
DO I? D:

32. What character(s) would you like to see get devoured by goats?
Nobody! I’m not that cruel. *Snickers*

33. Who would you like to see kill who?
Ummmm. I want them to come out alive. Nobody should die ;_;

34. If you throw in another two alter-egos of two character from Higurashi (Ex. Rika to Bern or Miyo to Lamda) who would you choose? Make sure to give them a witch name!
Uhhh. Rena -> Reina. …lol, I’m so creative.

35. Are there any characters that AREN’T in the Umineko anime OP that you want to see?
Umm, not in particular. Maybe Erika.

36. On Christmas Eve’s eve, the last Umineko episode comes out, are you excited!
AM I? ;D

37. Do you know what the “Angeburger”( ) joke means? (NO SPOILERS please)

38. Do you have any Umineko OCs?

39. What is your view on Magic? (Ex. I DON’T BELIEVE!)
Uu, magic ex-ists! Maria has said so, uu!


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