// resuming ;;

Well, I’ve gotten a little worse as of this week.. I’m hoping I get (somewhat) better by the next.

My head is constantly hurting to the point where straining to remember anything is awful… My memory just keeps wavering and I have a hard time concentrating. My breathing still remains as terrible as ever, and there’s just a lot of pressure in my chest, moreso my heart and lungs.. My ribcage keeps hurting and I feel really dizzy at times… I’ve caught a slight cold with often sneezing and coughing, but…

Anyway, I’ve been playing for Umineko for a while. I finished EP1 through EP4 just recently, I’ve been trying to spend 10-14 hours on it. Heh, I’m just a slow reader.

In other news, 11 days until I’m leaving on my trip~ I’ll hopefully take pictures, kihihi. :3 I hope everyone’s enjoying what’s left of their summer vacation, since I know I’ll be spending it in the warm areas of Asia… This is my plan, according to mommy.

Our flight is 18 hours long, we fly to Korea and then switch planes, and then fly to Vietnam… We land in Saigon for a day or two to visit my uncle who left long ago back to Vietnam. Then we take a one-hour flight to Hue, and we stay there for a couple of weeks.. Fly back to Saigon and then to the US, where we’ll be stopping in Korea, and staying there for 10 hours before flying back to the US. .-. Pretty… intense.


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