// playing about ;;

Huuuum. I don’t know what to write here. Let’s just keep moving.

Let’s see… I had a rather saddening morning, I suppose. Besides that, my stomach’s been hurting all day, but my headaches are gone for the /most/ part. I also feel slightly dizzy though… Could it get any worse? Ah, I probably shouldn’t have said that. Mm, we’ll see how it goes…~

I finished Umineko EP6, and I can say that I am one to despise Erika Furudo. She’s just awful in a million ways. Even though I did feel bad for her a lot of the time, it turns out it was just fake. It made me really mad. On the other hand, I still enjoy Kyrie and her awesomeness, heh. I feel bad for her though, and the pain she went through when Asumu got in the way. The music box was tons of fun to listen to (repeated dreamenddischarger all day), and I’ve begun to learn two songs from Umineko. :3

Let’s see… Oh, yes, I got to play dress-up today. Um, my aunt has a giant closet of clothes, so she’s passing a lot of it onto me, and has had me putting on shirts all day and saying how pretty it looked on me. Ah, I felt super-embarrassed, even if it was my aunt who said it. ;_;

Nine days left… I hope I can enjoy these last nine days.

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