// lost stories ;;

Hmm, my grandma told me a lot of old stories today, heh. :3

I went to bed last night with a lot of thoughts in mind… and I woke up quite early. My headache has somewhat disappeared… but it gets really hard to breathe, even if I’m just dancing about, or sitting there… The pain won’t ever disappear, will it…? But nevertheless, I’ll be okay. I’ll just have to get stronger.

My grandma has been telling me to take care of myself in Vietnam, because there are a lot of people selling off their family for the sake of money and kidnappings and stuff… Aha.. It doesn’t reassure me a whole lot, but I can’t do much about it. I’ll just stick around my parents. ^^;;

She also told me about how my family used to be poor, and how on my 5th birthday that my parents just managed to buy me a cake and we just sang happy birthday around 11pm… It must have been a lonely birthday that year… but I don’t care now, because I know I am forever grateful to my family, because they have done so many things for me. So I am very, very happy. I’ll be able to thank them when I get a job.. Because they can start letting go.. Everything will be okay, I am sure of it.

Hmmmm, not much else has happened. Sorry for the short posts lately. ;_;


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