// tomorrow’s the day ;;


Yeah, yeah, I’m leaving tomorrow, cue the confetti. Anyway, I went around traveling the city one last time. We ate lunch together as an actual family, because we rarely eat with daddy considering he works… a lot. I wasn’t really hungry, but I ate anyway… Because I was happy we got to eat together for once. ;;

Anyway, then we went shopping for a while and I delivered my little present to Shelly… And she told me she’s getting me something at AFO, which makes me an unhappy girl… But she said it was something to look forward to, so I’ll be happy. <3

Um, I reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllllllllyyyyyy want Umineko EP7 to come out… But until then, I have to live with all the fanart, hahah. ;_; I'm bringing a spiral notebook to write about each day and draw occasional pictures, I guess. I'll try scanning them when I come back.

Otherwise, I've been kinda tired, trying not to get sick, otherwise it'll make my airplane trip miserable. I'm going to miss all of you. I'll come back in September, but if I magically get internet, expect a post here and there ;_;


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