// high school ;;

I came back about three days ago, but I’ve been panicked by high school, so I didn’t get the chance to update.

High school is tiring. I just don’t understand why I have such a lack of energy.. and when I’m very, very tired, I get really emotional. >_<; I end up crying really easily and I overworry… Agh..

I'm getting 7 hours of sleep, which is more than I got last year, and I don't even have P.E… But I'm just tired and groggy and it's a huge pain.

my classes for the most part are okay, I'll explain more during the weekend, since I'm just not in the mood to type too much.

As for the flight home, it was boring and tiring. Lol. I spent some money in Korea, which was interesting. But that's about it, really.


2 responses to “// high school ;;

  1. Tsuki September 13, 2010 at 10:29 am

    Poor leetle Hikari :<
    Hang in there!

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