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I’ll post all the journal entries from Vietnam into this one post, since each day is only a paragraph or two.

My trip in Vietnam. :3

August 5th
I got on the plane and nearly slept peacefully, until it took off so suddenly… Well, I’m flying and I wanna go home. But I’ll be on this plane for 10 hours. And that’s just to Korea. I miss everyone already, but I can’t cry. I’ll try my best not to. Due to lack of sleep, maybe I’ll sleep for the next ten hours, yeah? ♥ I wish I had a laptop. My goodness, I’m not happy right now. ;_; Ah, but I promised everyone I’d have fun… Well, sleep is fun. I hope this goes by fast. Goodnight. ♥

I have about 9 hours and 43 minutes left. We’re flying over the Pacific Ocean now. Though, I’m still sad… But I’ll try to be happy. I’ll try. … I’m going to sleep again. ;_;

I think it’s about seven… I don’t have a watch. But I had dinner. We had choices between a steak meal and rice meal. I took the rice because it came with a plate of fruits and the strawberry looked good. I’ve been drinking black tea, and it has a lovely aroma. ♥ I want to go back to sleep. It’s the only way to pass time… I hope everyone is doing well.

I don’t know what time it is… But we’re passing the international date line. We’ll pass over Tokyo and it’ll take five more hours. Has jet lag hit me yet? I don’t even know.

August 6th
It’s 3pm in Japan, we flew over Tokyo! No pictures, sorry. But it’s 2am in the US, I think… Maybe? It’s about 5pm when we land in Korea. I’m landing in about half an hour, and I’m still depressed. I apologize to my friends… I wish I could be at home right now. This journal is the closest thing I have right now… It makes me think of everyone. So I’ll be keeping this safe until I get home. I miss everyone.

Around 6, I managed to get free wi-fi and talked to my friends. It was around 6am there, so I didn’t get to talk to Mister Kain-chama, but I hope he’s doing well. I still undoubtedly miss everyone. And considering I haven’t gotten to get to Vietnam yet, as our flight is delayed, I feel time is passing so awfully slow. It upsets me. I’m not quite sure of the time, but it’s 6am in Washington. Sitting on this plane for 3 or so hours irritates me. I want to be at home.

August 7th
I made it to Vietnam around midnight, so is it the seventh already? I guess so. Ugh, I can’t journal properly with these time zones. Anyway, we got through a bad screening, because Vietnam is quite disorganized. And then we finally made it to uncle’s house. It has four stories, the top three having two bedrooms and a bathroom on each floor. We’re at the top, and I still can’t find wi-fi. I’m kind of glad we’ll get to be trapped in Korea for 10 hours, so I can talk to my friends, but the flight home will be intense. It’s about 1am, and I’m not tired~ I hope I find wi-fi, I miss everyone so much. (I’m also sweating my brains out. So gross. ;_;)

It’s about 7am, since I keep better track of my own time zone. I don’t have an appetite and I feel unable to breath and I haven’t even done anything today. It’s too humid here. There’s barely any internet, nothing I can connect on. The city is filled with motorcycles and lots of smoking. ;_;

I went shopping, so it’s about 9am now. Sometimes, I wish time went by faster, because this is awful. I bought a pair of pajamas, and a new outfit~ It’s so waaaaaarm. I played a few games at the arcade, but I was distracted. Man, I need to find internet… >_< I wish it was time to go home.

I took a nap and it's only 2pm. I haven't eaten yet, but I drank a bit of milk. I'm not hungry, I guess. I also have trouble breathing still, and it hurts. I've been in tears several times because I keep thinking of everyone. I miss them, and I feel guilty for not being able to get internet access, ugh… We're heading out tomorrow, maybe I'll have more luck there. Sorry, everyone…

Um, I finally ate! We went to my grandpa's brother's home on my mommy's side of the family. It's not the most ideal place to live… but they have two dogs and two kitties. They were cute, and I tried not to be afraid. They didn't chase me, but one of the dogs looked like they wanted to. We went to the market as well, and I bought a little Doraemon figure to paint. I tried to find internet, and I tried not to cry… It's 8pm right now… Time is so slow. On top of that, I feel like collapsing at times… So awful.

It's about 10pm, and I was helping with a puzzle! Then a lizard crawled into the room, it was so cute~ I feel so tired, but it's only 10pm… Prepostrous.

August 8th
I think it’s 7 or 8am now, and I don’t feel good. I just woke up and have laid in bed for a while. I feel homesick, ne? On top of that, my health isn’t too good in this weather. I’m flying on an airplane to Hue in a few hours, so maybe things will change if I find internet. Although the airplane ride makes me tremble. I don’t wanna be in a plane again… Also! I have two bugbites already. >-<

I went shopping for souvenirs! I got three souvenirs, so that's three people off the list~ I ate a little earlier today, and I shared my meat with the puppy~ I'm charging up my DSi soon, so hopefully all will be well~ ♥

I ate a bit and went to lay upstairs, where the stairs felt infinite. My sister mistakes soymilk for soda, so I'm drinking soda. ;_; We're flying at 2:40pm, so I have to get ready.

1:05pm: Pouring rain~ It feels nice! If we hadn't already packed, I would have ran out and danced in the rain! ♥ Too bad though… ;_;

I'm glad the airport has internet! I got to talk to a few people around 2pm, before I got on the plane. Dist wasn't on, and I was a bit sad. The plane ride is about 2 hours, not awful, but I don't like it too much…

5:30pm: I made it to Hue! It’s a little more humid than usual, and we’re cramped in a small room. I miss everyone. ;_;

7:04pm: We got introduced to everyone and ate dinner. My whole “being brave” thing stinks, because people kept giving me food and rice and I didn’t say anything about it. >-< I tried to clean up, but I had to sit with my grandparents. They're home is alright, but I kind of prefer my own home in the US. That's probably predictable though. My parents came from two different lifestyles, but my sister and I are even more different, being born in America. My parents probably took time to adapt to America, haha.

August 9th
5am, really? Blah, well, I’m awake now. I thought it was at least 7 or something. Stupid roosters. Anyway, I feel a little tired and drowsy and such. I’d prefer being back in Saigon than here… I just don’t like big families in one place, especially if I don’t know them… It puts me in an awkward spot… Plus, I’m forced to be the attention, and I can’t understand half the things they say… They talk about me a lot too… Time to head downstairs, haha.

It’s about 9am, I got to talk to my friends a bit earlier because I found internet at the cafe. Dist wasn’t on again though. I talked to Kain and Keiru. But now I’m at home, hoping the two weeks goes by fast.

I think it’s about 5pm, I ate and took a nap. The usual, I suppose. We went shopping and after a bit of being forced into clothes, I got onto some weak wi-fi and talked to people for a while. I have to survive for a while longer…

It’s 6:30pm, since I realized there was a clock in front of me. I have three bugbites on my left leg, and three on my left arm, and two on my right arm. I also have two bruises on my left leg, and a bruise on my right.. I also kinda skinned my right leg too… I don’t like it here. >–< I miss everyone, but at least I'll get to share a billion pictures. ♥

August 10th
I woke up to the sounds of lizards and they sounded rather close. I got ready and we went out to eat breakfast, then out to drink coffee, except I didn’t drink any. ♥ I drank orange juice! Then we went to some strange place… It’s about 11am now.

I’m up to too many bugbites, and my right leg got super-bruised because of a motorcycle accident. ;;

It’s about 4pm, I took a nap and such. I got to know my cousins a bit better, but I can’t understand them well… ;; I’ve been missing my friends a lot. I hope to get them all souvenirs though, so that will make up for it, right? ♥

We went to one of my aunt’s homes and ate there. My breathing feels worse and my body hurts. The outdoors is great, but I wish the air wasn’t so heavy. I feel a little tired, but I hope everyone else is well.

August 11th
About 10am now, I woke up and got ready around 6am and ate breakfast… Then we left to travel for many miles. It was really warm and I have an intense headache. I’m trying to sit in front of the fan, but I feel too tired. Just about 9 more days to return, and two weeks after that, I’ll be home.

I took a nap with mommy and before I knew it, it was noon. I ate with everyone, but my headache is pretty bad. I’m really tired and I want to keep sleeping…

It’s about 7pm now. I took another nap until about 4, and then I sat around being lazy until 5? Then we ate and I sat around again. Then we walked to one of my aunts’ house and I believe we have tplans for tomorrow. I hope time passes by fast. I miss everyone so much… >_<

August 12th
It’s about 10am, after having breakfast and whatnot. I sat around as my parents went out to run errands. Not much to do today, I’m kind of bored.

It’s about noon, we ate food ant fruits of sorts. I took a short nap beforehand, but with all the heat, it gets boring and stuff. I mean, it gets boring in general, not to nap.

It’s about 6, I think… or something like that. I’ve sat around being bored, nothing to write about. I’m getting two new dresses being made, and we may be shopping for clothes. But we’re heading back to Saigon on the 25th, so two weeks. Um, not much has happened though… I miss everyone so much. >_<

It's about 9pm. I ate more fruit, but less rice. I've been getting full more easily, haha. We went clothes shopping and I found cute pajamas. Too cute~ ♥ I wish the time zones weren't so different. The time I can get on the laptop is when everyone is sleeping.

It's close to 10pm, we ate some more. I don't waste my food (too often) and so I ended up getting super-full. Then we ate grapefruits and now I feel like I'm going to be cooked in an oven because I'm so stuffed. I wonder what Hikari tastes like!

August 13th
I had a dream about French Fries… I think something is wrong with me. ;_; I feel tired. But I keep getting all happy over my pajamas. I do have to admit the pajamas here are absolutely adorable. >__< It's one thing to play it, but they're getting obsessed over it… It bothers me a bit.

August 14th
I woke up a quarter to nine, feeling worn out and such. Took a shower and sitting in front of a fan. That’s about it so far.

I think it’s almost 2, I laid around and whatnot. I wasn’t hungry, but they treated it as if I were sick or something… Today has been a boring day.

It’s about 5, I think. My parents are fighting over returning to Saigon on the 23rd, ’cause daddy doesn’t want to. And stuff like how he doesn’t sympathize with mommy. Bah… But I think it’s sort of resolved.

I’ve spent the last four hours eating dinner, and then talking about the strawhat that I want, as well as wandering around the house and various other things. I reeeeeally want a strawhat. ;_;

August 15th
It’s almost 6am, I ate breakfast and got high score on a game on mommy’s phone. My sister put her name instead of mine on the score though, but oh well.

We went to a cafe and I got to talk to Dist, Kain and Tsuki. We came home and mommy yelled at sister because sister kept saying she was hungry, and mommy tried to find things for her to eat, but she was stubborn and refused to eat. Mommy is sad now, but sister refuses to apologize. I’m crying for mommy’s sake because I know she has to be strong.

I went to aunt’s house and spent a while there. After coming home, I talked to Dist for a while and am about to sleep. I got to eat gummy bears, yeah! ♥

August 16th
I woke up around half-past 8 and ate breakfast, though there were only my parents, sister, grandparents and one of my cousins. I wonder where everyone else went.

We went to a water park for most of the afternoon. I think it’s 6 or 7? I lost my glasses after I got off a water slide… Thankfully my grandfather had found them in the water, and they hadn’t been stepped on. It was kind of surprising. >_< Anyway, I've been pretty bored and super-tired. I want to get home soon. ;_;

I'm tired, no one was online, so I left early. Then I played games for a bit and am going to sleep.

August 17th
It’s about 8am, I ate breakfast and a cookie. _< It really hurts…

I lost track of time, but I think it's almost noon? I've been laying upstairs for a while, since mommy has a stomachache and I want to keep her company.

It's nearly 5pm, been playing games all day and being bored. I need something to do when I'm bored. orz

It's about 9. We went to eat smoothies, except they weren't. It was fruits, milk and ice. So it's the "before you blend a smoothie", I guess! It had cantalope, guava, avacado, jackfruit, dragonfruit, and many others. It was interesting to eat! ♥

August 18th
I think it’s 2pm? I’ve had a pretty boring day. My sister woke me up around 7 and we ate rice noodles with soy sauce! Then we went to a cafe and I had orange juice, but there was no internet at this cafe, sigh. I played on my DSi, messing around with Flipnote Hatena, and then I took a nap. Yeah, pretty boring… 5-ish days until we return to Saigon.

It’s nearly 9pm, I feel tired~~ We went to buy shoes and I went to my aunt’s house which was conveniently two houses down. She had me try on a new outfit that she was giving me, but it made me feel girly. >-< People say I'm overweight, even though I'm ~100lbs. ;_;

August 19th
Attack of the bugbites. I have 3 on my right foot, 3 on my right leg, 2 on my left leg… and they’re all new ones! ;_; My legs really itch, but I shouldn’t scratch them. ;;

It’s about 5. I took a nap and it’s started to rain. The wind feels nice. ♥ Not much has happened, but they tried to force me into getting a haircut. No, thank you~ ♥

Mommy is sad, but I got her to smile for a bit. Daddy went out again, so I think that’s why she’s sad… On another note, it’s reeeeally warm. </3

I was sitting in a chair in front of the fan playing on my DSi, and I thought someone was playing ocean sounds, but it was actually pouring so hard outside and the sounds are so loud… I've never seen so much rain pouring, or hear rain fall so hard. It's amazing and scary at the same time… I wouldn't be surprised if it started flooding. Well, I'd be startled. The windows are closed and I can still hear it so clearly. ;_;

August 20th
It’s still massively pouring rain, and I finally got up around 10am. New record for getting up late in Vietnam! I’m tired, and bored. ;_;

It’s about six~ Mommy wanted me to help her play Blackjack. ;; I’m not one for gambling, but it was just the family, and I wouldn’t lose much because it was Vietnamese money. I won 13,000₫. I ate a bit and then took a shower which felt so cold. Of course, no warm water. Umm, it’s also been pouring all day.

Bugbites are annoying. Why are there so many bugs?!

August 21st
It’s almost 1, the time passed a lot. I woke up sometime before 9, I’m guessing. We went out to breakfast and I got to ride on my aunt’s new motorcycle~ Um, I sat around and then walked out to a nearby stand to buy snacks and gum and soda, then jogged home. It’s a long jog… Or maybe it’s just extremely humid and awfully warm. Yeah, it’s the latter~ ♥ We ate lunch around 12:30 and I think we’re going shopping tonight, yes? Well, I wanna buy souvenirs. Agh, it’s hard to buy souvenirs for people. D:

It’s nearly 9, we went out to eat ice cream and my aunt got me a strawhat, but it wasn’t exactly the style I wanted. Oh well, it’s still cute~ I bought a cute keychain too~ Not much else has happened, but we did stop in the middle of the road to converse… We basically blocked the road with 4 motorcycles.

August 22nd
I woke up around 7 or 8, and we went out to breakfast, then to a cafe. This cafe had wi-fi~ ♥ I talked to Dist for a bit, but I had to leave before Kain got on. It’s about 10am now, and I think the bugs here despise me. ;; orz

It’s 5, family was yelling at each other and stuff. I tried not to cry. ;; We eventually made up and ate together without shouting at one another… I ate a lot, and then took a nap. Agh, now that whole “being overweight” thing is getting to me.

It’s 9? I’m only guessing. There’s only one clock in the house and I’m too lazy to turn on my DSi every time. We went out to eat more “before you blend it” smoothies, which is called sinh to, but they usually refer to sinh to as the blended version, since they rarely have the unblended version around places. Anyway, we went shopping and I saw a cute bag, but it was 85,000₫. Which may be cheap in America, but it’s considered expensive here. People (my uncle) have been grumpy and caused two arguments today. Talk about drama…

I have a total of 24 bugbites as of now.

August 23rd
I had to wake up at 6, after falling asleep around midnight talking to my aunt and cousin. It was a pain, I’m so tired. ;_; I’m on the plane to Saigon as I’m writing this. It was pouring rain this morning, but thankfully it stopped. But the atmosphere was still depressing when weh ad to say goodbye. I got my aunt’s email, but I don’t know how to type in Vietnamese…

It’s pretty late. I ate a lot today. ;_; I watched a movie as well. It looks fake, but it was okay. And I’m still missing everyone. >_<

August 24th
I woke up around 9 and ate breakfast. I’m watching Pucca now~ ♥ It’s about 10am~ I played tons of games. It’s evening, there’s only one clock in this house as well. I ate starfruit because I couldn’t resist. ;-;

August 25th
Days are just flying by. I woke up around 9am and ate breakfast~ We’ll walk around later today, so I’ll hunt down the last two souvenirs~ ♥

Agh, I can’t seem to find awesome souvenirs at all. It’s infuriating. ;_; I cried while laying about earlier today. I had a bad dream, but it’s alright. It’s similar to a few others. Anyway, I did a lot of walking today. I saw a cute Ayumi Hamasaki shirt. I couldn’t get it though. ;; I keep getting called fat by mommy. ;_; I’m 48kg.

August 26th
I woke up (or rather, had to) around 8. And we went out to my aunt’s shop~ Sat around for a while and I decided to come home first, due to boredom. I took a nap and then finished up Romeo and Juliet, since I hadn’t read it since the airport on the 5th. I played games and then sat around. My sister and I had a laugh for a while and then I sat around again. ♥

August 27th
No internet for a while, agh. I miss everyone, I hope they know that. >–<

I went to a relative's house and we ate there. The time I spent getting there (since I saw a lot of pretty buildings) was more fun than being there because the adults interrogated me and kept asking questions. The taxi driver on the way home was amusing too. I'm tired though. ;;

August 28th
I kept dozing off and waking up several times last night. So I’m up around 6:30 today. What a pain.

I sat around and ate for a bit, then we went to a relative’s and I had to talk. But I’m a quiet person around strangers, so there were plenty of awkward silences.

They thought I was cute. ;_; One of them thought I was like a movie character. Does that make me clichéd? orz We go to a water park tomorrow~ ♪ I need wi-fi~ ;_;

August 29th
The joys of waking up early: I’m tired. orz

First we went on the mechanical bull, which was a nightmare for me. I did really, really badly. Then we went canoeing in an electric canoe, but I couldn’t steer properly. We ate ice cream, then played a few games which we all failed at. After that, we walked a lot and finally got to the water park and we went on slides and whatnot~ It rained, so when I raced to the changing room, I slipped and fell on my back and hurt my finger in the process. >-_<

August 30th
I woke up around 11, and my hand still hurts. ;_; Mommy has been gone this morning, I think she’s visiting someone. I miss my friends… and mommy. ;_;

I got into another argument with sister, which involved kicking. Mommy went out with her friends and gave me 1,000,000₫ to give to daddy, but he didn’t come home until after mommy did. He was out for a long time. o-o My left arm aches really badly and I’m super-tired.

August 31st
It’s some time during morning, since I woke up just two minutes ago. I get to buy souvenirs today, mommy promised. ♥

I got the last two souvenirs I needed to get, but sister accidentally broke one of them, so I went out to rebuy it. We went shopping at night and I was planning to buy a skirt, but it was 230,000₫, so I put it back, but was forced to take it, waugh… There was a really cute shirt, but it was slightly ripped and there were no others. ;_;

We ate at an Asian fast food restaurant and apparently they sell hamburgers, French fries, chicken, ice cream… and rice! We ordered 3 sodas, and earned scratchcards to win 3 sodas! And there were 5 of us! So I drank two sodas, ate a drumstick, a cheeseburger and French fries. ;_;

September 1st
4 more days until I go home, yes~! I need to get online, agh. My grandparents come in on Friday night, because seeing us off once wasn’t enough, ahaha~ It’s about 10:30am, I have to take 6 pills to keep from itching the bugbites, and taking it 2 times a day… 12 pills a day. >-<

It’s about 10-11pm, I’ve been taking medicine and walking around a lot. I’m happy that I’ve gotten all my souvenirs together~ ♥ But I went hunting for wi-fi and found nothing. ;_;

September 2nd
It’s some time in the early morning, I’m heading out to my aunt’s shop. Time to bring stuff to do~

We went out for steak (for breakfast?) and then wandered around the house. Then we ate lunch and fruit, and then I did origami.

I drew for a while, and then we went to a friend’s house. I was forced into doing karaoke, and then we ate… a lot. I feel tired, I want it to be Sunday already.

September 3rd
My grandparents arrived, but I’m tired. Trying to greet them the best I can though. I’m also in need of a new pencil. This one has a dead eraser from drawing so much.

I bought a new pencil and got caught up in its cuteness that I finally discovered that its eraser was super-tiny! ;_; It was saddening. We’ve begun to pack up everything, and I ate only once today… No appetite, I’m sorry… >-< I had two small bowls of rice and a glass of iced lemon tea.

September 4th
It’s the last day~ I’ll probably be spending it packing and stuff. ;; In any case, I feel tired, and I was the last to wake up. ;_;

I saw 15 airplanes today!

August 5th
Last day~ I went to eat breakfast with my grandparents and then watched CCS, but the Vietnamese voices aren’t very cute…

I’m getting ready to go, I received a cute bracelet as a present, I’m very grateful. We ate a lot and I feel tired, but I have to help carry the luggage. It’s 11:10pm at the moment.

August 6th
Although it’s Monday in Korea, it’ll be my last entry! I fell asleep most of the time during the ride here, I’m just waiting until I get home. I have 4 more hours to endure until I suffer 13 hours on the plane to the US, and then miserably walk into school the next day. I talked to my friends with the exception of Dist until my DSi completely died of batteries. So now I’m bored. ;;


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  1. Setsaku September 14, 2010 at 10:36 am

    D’awww poor leetle Hikari ;3

    Sounds like you had a rough time, I’m really proud that you stayed strong [for the most part~] :D

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