// spirit week ;;

Uwah.. Spirit week is coming up, I probably won’t be able to dress up. ;;

Monday: Dress Up/Dress Down // You basically either dress really fancy, or the opposite of fancy. This is the day of the Coronation Assembly too.

Tuesday: 70’s/Tie-dye // I think this is pretty self-explanatory, you just come to school dressed like a rainbow of awesomeness.

Wednesday: Nerdy/Bling-Bling // Um, you dress like a nerd or some person with a very heavy necklace. Yes.

Thursday: Generation Day // Um, Freshmen are dressed as babies, Sophomores are “tweens”, Juniors are adults and Seniors are senior citizens.

Friday: Black and Gold Day // Self-explanatory, but apparently people go all-out on this day. This is the night of Homecoming.

I’m not going to homecoming, for many reasons be untold. I’m just not in the mood for it, I suppose~ But not much else is going on. I’ve just had a lot of homework, been feeling tired and all that. ;;


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