// clannad moment ;;

Ah~~~ I was reading CLANNAD last night and it’s already got me squealing at 2 in the morning. ;w;

Also: I added a bunch of Umineko icons that I also posted on AnimeSuki.

Furukawa: Because… you’re such a tall, good-looking… cool person. And I’m just a shy, uncute crybaby.
Tomoya: Hey, Furukawa…
Furukawa: Yes?
Tomoya: How would you feel if I started to say bad things about the Big Dango Family whom you love, and said that they weren’t cute?
Furukawa: I’d be… very sad.
Tomoya: Wouldn’t you? I feel like that right now.
Furukawa: Huh…?
Tomoya: I love a girl named Furukawa Nagisa. Can you please not say bad things about her?
Furukawa: Ah, okay… I’m very sorry! I think she’s very cute!
Uh… eh?

I let out a burst of laughter. It seems Furukawa still doesn’t understand what she’s said.

Furukawa: It somehow feels like I just said something really embarrassing.

Tomoya and Nagisa are super-cute, ahaha. Been reading a lot of visual novels lately. ^-^


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