// Ever17 Dialogue ;;

True Route dialogue, just a snippet of something I found that was funny. :3

Dear Father and Mother…how is everything with you?

I’m currently playing ‘chicks’ 102 feet under the surface of the ocean.
Playing ‘chicks’ is an elegant game developed by Louis XIV. You win if you can mimic a chick the best.
You flap your arms like wings, and peck at garbage that has fallen in the cooridors…
Sometimes you even trip and fall like a cute newborn baby chick to compete to see who looks the most like a chick.
The sounds used basically consist of three sounds, ‘pi’, ‘yo’, and ‘n’, but as you get better….

“Flap, flap…flap, flap”

….You can use imaginative sounds, and even express yourself with various little chick-a-dee gestures.
Since I’m only a beginner, I can only use ‘pi’, ‘yo’, ‘n’, so far.
But, I’m working hard to become a full-fledged chick…no I mean a full-fledged chicken like mom and dad.

“Pi-yo-yoooooon, Pi-yo-piiii”

I am learning from an excellent teacher. Oh, I don’t know why but…I’m shedding tears.

“Piyooo, Piyo-piyo-piyoo! Pi-yo-pi-yo?”

My teacher is encouraging me. I’m alright, I’m fine.

“Piyon, piyon, piyon, piyon…”

My teacher wags her hips left and right as she walks.
Sometimes she even flips her hips up in the air.
She is the epitome of chick-ness…
Father! Mother! My teacher is the best ‘chick-mimic’ in Japan…no, in the world!

“Oh, but teacher…”
“You didn’t have to take a dump in the middle of the floor…”

“Piyooo! Piyoo!”

Teacher is angry with me.
It’s because I spoke the human language.


That meant ‘I’m sorry’ in chick language.

“Piyoyoyoyon… Piyoyoyoyon…”

It must be very hard for you two to imagine your own son playing ‘chicks’ 102 feet under the ocean.
Or I suppose you probably don’t even believe that I’m doing this in the first place.
But, I suppose I can’t blame you.
I never would have dreamed I would be in this situation up until three days ago.
How interesting life is!
How sad we humans are!
Oh, there I go crying again.
Before the ink on the paper starts to run, I will put down the pen.
Well, dear father and mother, please take care of yourself. Piyo piyo.


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