// more tired than usual? ;;

Yay! I finally have time to post a decent blog post! Let’s go!

Hmm, so I just got back to school after a 6-day weekend. Thing is, school is pulling me in all directions because we were not actually supposed to have a 6-day weekend. It was originally four days, but we had two snow days. That caused a big piece of learning to be taken out, especially for one semester classes like World History.

So health class had us switching from “Dating” straight to our classroom-based assessment which was supposed to be prepared last Wednesday, but because of that lack of school, we have to rush through it this week.

In Algebra, everyone is unfocused and tired, but our teacher is pushing us into Chapter 4, which I cannot remember any part of. Parabolas were easy as cake, but that was in the past… We didn’t get any help starting on this, and relying on tablemates for it just isn’t… reliable, for lack of a better term. I mean, there are times where /all/ of us get stuck.

English is sort of still relaxed about everything. Nothing’s really changed. Thank goodness!

Biology, our quiz was pushed back until tomorrow, though it was supposed to happen Wednesday. A “big” (for non-honors) project is due tomorrow and I’m just @_@ about it… Whyy!?

Flower Shop… Does anything ever really happen that causes anything to be pushed back? I didn’t think so either…

World History. We had a 2-day lecture squished into 35 minutes, and we’re moving on so fast I can’t even keep my head on! We’re working on Middle Ages, but we’re skipping two parts of it and heading into the Renaissance tomorrow/Wednesday-ish. But our Middle Ages test is on Friday, so.. I’ll probably have a hard time coping with this.

Anime Club! Ahh~, we got two new members. But there’s topics being thrown at me from every which direction. We go from making visual novel to watching anime to planning what we want to do next week and the week after to our performance which is being modified and it’s too hard! So I really, really, really want to get it organized over the weekend. I’ll probably type something official up. Being club president… I didn’t know it was so hard.

But that’s all I have for now!


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