// exhaustion + lack of umineko ;;

Hiiiiii~! It’s been a while since I’ve posted again, so here goes. I know my post starters don’t sound all that interesting. (Because they really aren’t…)

Oh, did I mention that I made Ougon icon crops? Link~

Well, as of lately, Umineko EP8, Ougon and Tsubasa were all just simultaneously released. Too bad I can’t read Japanese, meaning I have to wait for Witch-Hunt to translate it. Too bad I can’t run Ougon, because I have a lack of RAM. I’m left with zilch amount of Umineko. ;_;

Well, besides the music, I guess. I’ve been listening to GOLDIST and the EP8 BGM. Both of which are awesome to the highest degree. lastendconductor? Oh, yes. <3

In other news, I'm waiting for Chiru anime to be announced, and to see the cast list for the Chiru characters. I'm oddly anxious, though not really high with expectations to the anime itself. Because, you know, it's DEEEEEN after all.

Which makes me wonder, will Umineko Rei come to exist? Well, I mean, it probably won't be named "Rei", but… Hmm, I wonder. It'd be pretty nice. I mean, I just don't want Umineko to end. It's really depressing. ;_;

As for my personal life, semester finals are coming into view. I’m really tired, my legs just feel much too weak to carry the weight of my backpack. Walking around school makes it hard on me sometimes, and the same goes for walking from my bus stop to my house.

But I don’t really know what I can do at this point… I’m just downright fatigued, I can’t wait until the weekend so I can lay in bed for a long time, catching up on sleep I’ve lost over the week. Sleeping on the bus too. Sigh.


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