// 11111111111 ;;

Happy 1/11/11. I have a reason for my title. But I’d like to talk about a few things. :3

Today, freezing as I got out of bed. So I wore a scarf to school today. It was so warm and fluffy. Classes were alright. Nothing special, though I did space out a lot. One of my friends called me cute because of a conversation and how I reacted. >-<; I-I'm not cute… Agh…

Anyway… Fell asleep a lot during class today. A bit tired now. In class today, I kept writing "11111111111" on my headers without any slashes. Maybe I'll remember the date, I hope. (I also hope my teachers don't make weird comments about it!)

I've been working on some more Ougon icons. The progress is slow, but it's better than nothing, right? I did a bit of creative writing today about Beato as well. Though it's nothing special and I'll likely delete it after I finish. It's something just to get my mind going. I'll probably write a story about Ange too.

Let's see, it's been snowing today. Not a ton, but it looks really pretty when car tracks aren't all over it. Not much to talk about, I guess!

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