// weekendness ;;

Posted 13 new Ougon Musou Kyoku icons here, so feel free to check them out. ^^

Yesterday was an odd day… To say at the very least, it was kind of scary. Enough said though. In 6th period, we got close to nothing done, since the class next door (two classes are set on the stage, since they flooded over winter break) decided to play pranks on my teacher, and it was quite fun… Well, not the “not getting work done” part.

Anyway, today, I got to go to two birthday parties. One was my friend’s, and the other was one of my little cousin’s. ^^ Both were quite fun, so I’m a little tired now. But it appears my sense of days are a bit off, since it feels like a Sunday today… It’s really, really weird.

Time is also going by really fast, so as I try to plan for days ahead, I figure out how busy I’m going to be… It’s gotten really hard. My grades are slipping a bit and I feel like I’ll end up being really disappointed by my grades by the end of the semester. Hopefully, just hopefully, I can keep them up. ^^

That’s all!


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