Mini-Umineko EP8 Rant

No, I have not read the visual novel yet. But these are my impressions based upon the summaries of the visual novel that I have read. I don’t sound too excited, and I’m really not all that happy about it. Ryukishi has just been quite the… trickster troll. I cannot very well describe my feelings towards the path he decided to go with this visual novel. But I, for one, am not impressed with this episode nor have I been towards most of Chiru. But, I can’t really say I hate it either. I mean, it was a good series, but I just don’t like the direction it went from EP6.

Ange is the main character (essentially) in this “game” or whatever you want to call it. She is trying to search for the truth of what happened on Rokkenjima. The whole cast is back for this, and it becomes very confusing because there is a lot of transition from place to place.

Essentially, Ange undergoes many different challenges in this episode, and is the one to choose between the two paths which lead to the ending. I was most dissatisfied with the two endings. The “Trick” ending and the “Magic” ending.

The Trick ending, she is heading to Rokkenjima on a boat with the captain and Amakusa. From there, she talks about the Sumadera family (only her and Amakusa are on the deck talking) and suspects Amakusa for what he did back in EP4. Essentially, he was hired by the Sumaderas to kill Ange from afar so that it looks like she was killed by the bodyguards. She then proceeds to shoot Amakusa, and later the captain who she assumes is acquainted with Amakusa. Erika comes to congratulate Ange, and the boat steers away from Rokkenjima. Ange says she was happy with Amakusa’s face when he died.

…Yeah, not the most satisfying ending.

The magic ending, Ange calls Okonogi to tell him that the company is going to him and that she is now a new Ange. In the Metaworld, Featherine declares the game to be over, and Battler and Erika have a small discussion before leaving the Metaworld. In a hotel, Hachijou keeps the diary and it is never to be opened, so the truth of Rokkenjima is never known. But she is seen to be heading to Rokkenjima on a boat, tossing a golden rose out towards the island.

In Rokkenjima of 1986, the event between Young!Kinzo and Bice occurs again, this time between Battler and Beatrice. They move away from the island on a boat together, after Beatrice being reluctant, but Battler telling her he refuses to let go. Beatrice disappears from the boat.

Battler jumps into the sea towards Beatrice, but Beatrice tries to tell him not to give away his life. Battler begins to feel the pain of being in water for too long, and their hands separate from one another; Battler to the surface and Beatrice towards the darkness of the sea. But she feels Battler’s embrace and they are together forever…

Meanwhile, Ange and Okonogi are saying their farewells and Okonogi is named her guardian. Amakusa drives her away and she falls asleep. She will now live as Ange-Beatrice, the last of Mariage Sociere and the last witch to live on.

While it’s a lovely ending, I don’t like it too much, to be honest. ;; This really was just an “epilogue” of sorts, there weren’t really many answers to the mystery. There were a few questions that were answered, but many of them were left opened for interpretation.

The ???? is probably my favorite part, though the Tea Party was also pretty delightful (in a way).


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