// exhaustion ;;

Salutations, comrades! I’m still alive (somewhat).

Not much has really happened lately. School has gotten me tired, since I stay up late at night and then feel tired and school makes me more tired, blech. Nothing special really comes to mind though. I’m rather boring. ;;

I’ve been reading Cross Channel lately. The all-ages patch doesn’t do a good job of keeping it all ages, but… I mean, it’s an eroge with a perverted protagonist, so I guess they did all they could. The story doesn’t get good until the fourth-ish week, I’d say. Which is quite a ways in… so if you can endure all that pervertedness, go ahead and read it! It’s pretty good once you get into it.

I’ve gotten back into playing osu!, so if you guys want to beat me up and call yourself a winner, feel free to give me your username and I’ll try to catch you online some time.

I’ve had these small “arguments” with my Onii-chan. They’re like friendly arguments, not like “I’m-going-to-beat-you-up-for-this” kind of argument. They last quite a long time, I’d say. He just doesn’t know when to give up. :D You cannot defeat the persistent Hikari-chan, of course! Ohoho! *Imitates Satoko*

Well, enjoy your weekend. I didn’t get pinched on St. Patrick’s Day either, ehehe. ♥


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