// as of right now ;;

I’ve been extremely busy…

I’ll give the gist of my day. Lately, I’ve had this recurring headache that comes and goes, either being an aching pain or just not there. I had a slight fever last night, so I laid down for a while to regain a bit more composure and to go on the rest of the night feeling slightly alright. I left the internet early to go to sleep.

This morning, I had a hard time eating breakfast, but I at least had to keep it down, otherwise I wouldn’t have any energy. I guess I should have eaten something lighter than a bagel. Throughout most of the day, I felt alright. I got home to do some studying…I have multiple tests this week because it’s the week before Spring Break.

I know for sure that English, Digital Communications and Marketing Essentials aren’t assigning any projects over the break. Can’t be so sure for the rest of my classes though. ^^;

I later attended the AP Classes Information Night and signed the papers to try to get into AP European History. I haven’t been feeling good since, not because of the stress, but because I’m just feeling ill for whatever reason. My headache is increasingly painful, but I should be okay after taking some medicine.

Enjoy your week, everyone.


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