// loooong weekend ;;

Salutations! It’s been a while, but I’ve just been too lazy to blog, even when I tell myself I should blog.

Lately, it’s been studying here and there and my mind is just full. In fact, if you tried to poke my head, I bet that all of the content in my brain will explode…which is pretty gross, so don’t do that. Anyway, I’ve been trying to relax this weekend, to no avail. I’m just bottled up with stress. I don’t even know why. Just sitting here stresses me out. That stinks.

In other news, I’ve joined/updated my information on a lot of fanlistings, and I’m not done yet. (Note, it’s 3:41am. I shouldn’t even be up.) I’ve just finished up a quick runthrough of anime/manga series, and I’ll start going through characters, songs, etc. sometime later.

I haven’t really had time for the games I’ve been playing or the visual novels I’ve been reading. I did read Narcissu, which is fantastic, though much too short. I wish it would have taken time to last a bit longer. I felt the ending was pretty abrupt. (Note, I read the sequel first because I didn’t really want to get to know Setsumi until knowing what happened to her. I think it leaves a bigger impact this way.) I’ll read Side 2nd eventually, maybe when school’s done.

Though with my luck, I’ll be stressed out over the break. Cheers.


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