// wondering ;;

Lately, I’ve been pondering over a lot of things. I think this will become a stressful summer, to be honest.

First of all, I have homework this summer. Not bad, since I have a lot of time to do it. But I’m feeling like I’ll end up procrastinating. Maybe I’ll get it done this week.

But second thing is that I kind of want to get a part-time job. But I think the problem is that I use up a lot of my energy throughout the day. This happens every day. I use up so much energy that I just get tired and I fall asleep… Usually when I have school. I’m wondering how I’d be able to handle a part-time job if school alone gets me so tired to the point where sometimes I sleep on the ground of my living room as soon as I get home. I really want to stop to smell the roses, but I feel like I’m so far away that I don’t even have the time to sidetrack myself to smell them.

All of my friends are applying for jobs here and there… and they all have plans for the future. But I’m still left wondering what I can do about my poor health. I wonder if I burden my parents this way. Maybe my future will require a lot of dead ends before I can finally figure out a plan that won’t require me to isolate myself from anything that I love doing right now.

Artist: Surolen

5 responses to “// wondering ;;

  1. mangsharing July 31, 2011 at 2:21 pm

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  2. ohcrab June 27, 2011 at 2:36 pm

    Aw, don’t be stressed about it! It may seem tough now, you will find out a way that is suitable for you somehow… eventually. There must be some jobs that does not require you to use all your physical energy everyday, maybe something like an office job or freelance artist/writer? :/

    I often feel I don’t have clear plans for the future when compared to my friends who have almost everything set as well :( but I’ll keep on looking, so I hope you’re not giving up too!

    • Hikari-chan June 29, 2011 at 12:18 am

      Michi-chan, thank you. Maybe a freelance artist/writer would be something I could get into. It would be really nice, it’s an idea that’s locked into my mind now!

      Really? You sound like someone who would have their future set and all you’d need to do would be to put it to action. :( But thanks, here’s hoping we can both find the future we desires!

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