// tales of the world: radiant mythology ;;

Ahaha, lately, I’ve been playing Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology for the PSP.

This is the title screen, I really like low-key black fade to the background to make the title really stand out, along with the shininess to it.

I’m a little over 18 hours in, and it’s a game where you’re constantly doing quests and exploring dungeons, so not one that you’d really enjoy playing for long hours, but rather in small sessions. You get to create your own character by selecting their gender, skin color, hair color, voice… and later on, accessorize them with armor, hats, gloves, shoes, etc.

A customized outfit bought with "points" that are received after quests. Not too great for your stats though.

The general plot is that you’re a character who was born from the “World Tree”, and Mormo needs your help to destroy whatever it is that is going after the world of Terresia (and to help restore his own). There are some “choices” to make, but they aren’t ones that really affect the story line in any way, they’re more to interact with other characters and to create humorous situations. There are some other original characters to this story, like Kanonno, a sincerely kind-hearted girl who wants to find her memories again. She isn’t a playable character, but Kanonno is very prominent to the story.

A few Tales of Symphonia characters (and Mormo) conversing.

You have to do a lot of quests to help the people around the town in order to increase your fame, and unlock story quests that advance you through the main part of the game. It’s interesting at times, occasionally boring and tedious if you want to end up doing every single quest of the game (for the sake of completion).

And with that, here are a few more pictures to pique your interest (or lack thereof).


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