// aiming for the bulls-eye of the future ;;

With me, it’s constantly thinking about the future and debating on what I really want to do.

Lately, I’ve been taking six classes as a sophomore in high school. Those classes are:

1) Honors 10th Grade English
2) Advanced Placement European History
3) Honors Chemistry
6) Honors Pre-Calculus

The 4th and 5th class don’t matter in this case. But I have been having a tremendous homework load just for honors classes and one AP class. Assuming that I pass these classes this year, I would be eligible to take four AP classes, which would be an even more intense workload.

While I do enjoy my academics and taking opportunities as I see them, I don’t know if I am responsible enough to manage all of the work while attempting to relax myself in the comfort of a chair and staring at my laptop (either watching anime, talking to people or making graphics), which irks me just slightly.

But I’d also like to join the Track/Field sport, though I’ve never been a sporty person. It’s always been something like a dream of mine… I’ve always loved watching the Summer Olympics intently, even at 3 in the morning. But I do have asthma to care for, as well as a constant fatigue that I can’t seem to figure out.

It’s a very difficult thing for me to decide, whether I really want to try out for Track and Field during my junior year and struggle through health issues, or to continue a life through pure academics.

A sketch I did after I was stressed out about a situation. :)


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