// hectic life, go! ;;

I’ve been a lot busier than usual, and a lot more tired than usual. I wish life could slow down at this point, I’m not sure how to keep up. ^^;

Daily, I get enough homework that it just makes me feel like the teachers want me to have no life. :< I understand why homework is to be done, but I wish they also understood that it’s not like we have time everyday to be doing [this] much homework. Some days are a lot more stressful than others, but I know it can be pretty tough to handle.

Weekly, there are tests and things to be done that I can’t seem to cram everything into a week. My time management abilities aren’t horrible, but I also feel like my health is being affected in a way that I don’t feel like I’m being as efficient as I used to be. I just hate tests all in all. I hate studying for tests too. :(

Monthly, I’m not sure about every month, but March has been pretty insane. I have state testing next week, some exams at the end of the month and academic ceremonies to attend that I just feel like… I need a time machine. It would be nice at this point. I think things are gonna get worse as time goes on because, well, it’s nearing the end of the school year.

I registered for my junior classes just today and I guess I’m taking quite a few classes that’ll probably challenge my time management skills a lot more than this year has. Here’s my current list, assuming I get into these particular classes.

    AP Language and Composition
    AP Calculus AB
    AP Physics
    US History
    French 1
    Lifetime Sports
    * Glass Experience
    * P.E. Team Sports
    * Anthropology

* are alternate classes that they request we put in, in the event that we aren’t able to get one of the classes we want. I’m just kinda ready for break at this point. I’m exhausted. :)

On a side note, I’ve been watching Another and Inu x Boku SS. Both are interesting shows. I’m definitely looking forward to Fate/zero S2 next season, and maybe a couple of others. :) We’ll see if time is on my side. I’m definitely behind on games too! And I need to draw more… ;_;


2 responses to “// hectic life, go! ;;

  1. Marina March 7, 2012 at 6:23 pm

    Sounds like you just like too many things! :p You say you find Another and Inu x Boku SS both interesting, but do you mean that in a positive sense? You should blog about them more in detail some time! I’m also really excited about Fate/Zero Part 2 coming out very soon. Also, what kind of game consoles do you have?

    I remember what it was like being super busy like that in high school and I don’t have much advice to give except to give your all at all times. Sometimes I think back and wish I had tried my best, since I know I could have done better. I also wish I had done something like gone on exchange, or been involved in more clubs. But, you sound pretty busy already. All those AP classes! Try and stay healthy, Hikari-chan! Eat a balanced diet and try to get enough rest >.<

    • Hikari-chan March 7, 2012 at 6:52 pm

      Hehe, I guess I do have something to blog about sometime. I’ll try talking about Another and Inu x Boku SS when I get a chance. Yeah, it’ll definitely be great to see some more action from Saber, I can’t wait. I have a PSP, 3DS and PS2 that I have games to finish on, but I also have an XBox 360. Though I never have time to sit down and play games anymore, so I just have my portable ones with me most of the time.

      Yeah, I’ll definitely give it my best. I also wish I could do something like that, there are a lot of great trips that I’d love to go on, but I’m not sure I have the time or energy (or money!) for it. I’ll do my best though, thanks so much for your help, Marinara! I’ll definitely take care of myself! ^_^

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