// new tutorial ;;

Yo~ Lately, I’ve been playing a lot of Ougon Musou Kyoku and recently, the newest patch came out for the CROSS expansion. Of course, I do have a ton of homework to do, buuuut~.

I’ve also been pretty sick. It really sucks, but I guess there’s no helping it. I’m hoping to get better by next week at the latest!

Another and Inu x Boku SS are both ending fairly soon. Maybe I’ll write a little ranting post about it after I finish both series! I’m definitely looking forward to it.

And lastly, I wrote an avatar tutorial for Photoshop 7 that I converted into GIMP terms also after getting a request about it many months ago from a Twitter user. It is a very simple tutorial, but I’m hoping people will find it useful nevertheless. Enjoy!


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