// inu x boku ss ;;

I’ve finally decided to talk a little bit about Inu x Boku SS and my impressions of it. (I’m currently quite sleepy, so this might not be the most informative post, but I hope you enjoy it. Please watch Inu x Boku SS and tell me your thoughts as well!)

Maison de Ayakashi, also known as the Ayakashikan, is where certain “chosen” people may reside, or so the public is supposed to believe. In reality, inside this mansion resides humans with demon ancestors (youkai) who are guarded by their own Secret Service bodyguard. Shirakiin Ririchiyo finds the need to move out and decides to live in the Ayakashi mansion where she hopes for peace and quiet. However, despite rejecting the company of an SS bodyguard, she finds herself caught up in having a most dedicated bodyguard… supposedly one that she has “rescued”, and their lives begin to change upon this meeting.

The first half is very light-hearted and humorous, where you begin to meet these unique characters who all have their own quirks and special feats that make them all very memorable and a joy to watch with each episode. Something that was not so memorable, however, was the soundtrack. But I didn’t think of it much because they really knew how to bring things together in their own way. Nothing ever really bored me: I laughed and cried through the series and it was just an incredibly enjoyable series.

Our “tsunshun” princess, Shirakiin Ririchiyo. Very bitter personality… yet so sweet inside.

“Tsunshun” is one of the few terms you learn in the series. She’s “tsun” like a tsundere (constantly having a sharp tongue), and “shun” (where she gets depressed after saying mean things). I think that’s one of her interesting points, which makes her a very beautiful character because she yearns to change that about herself. Ririchiyo continuously struggles to not hurt others, and they all understand her pure intentions.

Sparkling bishounen prince, Miketsukami Soushi.

Ririchiyo isn’t the only one who wants to change. Miketsukami Soushi, Ririchiyo’s SS bodyguard, has his own little secret that he’s kept from almost everyone–the only person who knows doesn’t show up until the later part of the series. But as things unravel, they both begin to understand each other a little better. And their blooming relationship doesn’t change one bit… or does it? Ohoho, it’s one of the mysteries of this cute little show.

I think that while it did take a little long for them to get into the actual plot of the series, it was nice being with all the characters and seeing them have fun everyday. I’ve also read the manga (thus far), and I have to say that things do take a pretty interesting turn. It definitely takes on a different feeling, and I’m curious as to whether they’ll make a second series for the events that occur after their sweet ending. This series has followed the manga very closely, so I’m quite curious about another season!

But I have to say, I think this is one of the cutest series I’ve seen in quite a while! The art is quite beautiful, and I enjoy the many locations that come up in the series aside from Maison de Ayakashi because they did put a lot of effort into the scenery which I personally enjoyed a lot.

I recommend this series to anyone who likes a good laugh, cute girls, cute guys with a dose of story that makes turns everything upside-down (which makes everything right in the end)!

Our fetish ice queen Yukinokouji Nobara.

Adorable food lover, Roromiya Karuta.

Lazy curry-eating scroll, Sorinozuka Renshou.

All-seeing bunny, Natsume Zange. Cute little tanuki, Watanuki Banri.

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