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Yesterday, I went to go see a movie for my friend’s birthday and we went to go see The Dark Knight Rises! I just wanted to talk about it a little bit since I had an interesting time!

As many may know, there was a tragedy that struck Aurora, Colorado during the midnight showing of this movie and many were injured (and unfortunately enough, some were even killed). I personally extend my condolences and I do hope that though families are devastated now, that they’ll remain safe and well.

Because of that, it made me very hesitant to see the movie, but it wasn’t like I could turn around and walk home! Though it was unlikely that something like that would happen again because they likely increased theater security.

In any case, I was pretty excited at the same time because it was my first PG-13 movie in theaters, even though I’m nearly 17! I don’t go to see movies very often, so I was really anxious even while watching those movie trailers!

My friend thought that I would get carded for being so tiny, but I later discovered that they don’t card for PG-13 movies, so she was being a real bully. But I thought the movie itself was well-done! It definitely was very crowded, so I’m glad that people weren’t too paranoid about seeing movies, but it made finding good seats pretty hard!

The beginning was a little confusing to me, mainly because I hadn’t seen the prequels to this movie, so I was lost at times. I thought a few parts were poorly done, but the surround sound was amazing! I always jumped at gun scenes because the sounds were so realistic and frightening! I think my friends laughed at me sometimes for it, hehe. ^^;

I also cried towards the end of the movie. Even during an action movie, they manage to throw in some sad scenes and those are the kind that always make me cry. Though I was trying really, really hard not to! But it was so great!! The ending was fantastic!! It made me really happy!

It made me feel a little more brave by the end of the movie because I was able to get through it without covering my eyes at anything scary (Even though it’s not a horror movie, that’d make me really jumpy!), but I’m probably just a little childish. I hope tons of people are planning to see it, I thought it was fantastic!


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