// last post of the year?! ;;

Considering I very rarely post to begin with, I think this might be my last post of the year…though I can’t guarantee it’s anything very interesting. But happy December, everyone!

For starters, I think life is going well for me. Despite time moving very quickly day by day, I think I still find myself keeping up and standing strong on my own two feet. Lately though, I’ve had many waves of fatigue and found myself exhausted every time I got home from school as if it were a normal part of my daily routine. I think having to nap for a few hours every day takes away a lot of the little free time I get. It kinda sucks, but I’ve been working hard to make sure I sleep early instead. 


Yet I still find myself looking the same way Mashiro does every morning…

School is pretty decent too. I think my grades are okay, and my teachers are good at teaching too. Except one particular AP Physics teacher who just can’t seem to teach to save his life. A classmate of mine in AP Calculus described him as someone who defines a word while using it in its definition. His examples are sloppy and he makes mistakes while doing example problems… There are also things that he can’t seem to explain, or claims there’s no scientific explanation for it, when I doubt that that’s the case. Needless to say, I’m not expecting myself to have a good grade in that class, but I’ll certainly do my best. (Though am I really willing to pay $80 to take an exam that I know I might fail? Decisions, decisions.) 


Maybe if I could study as efficiently as Rikka…

All in all, I think it’s been a good year. Good things have happened, bad things have happened, but I’m really looking forward to next year. And hopefully I’ll get a chance to post around Christmas time, but I hope everyone enjoys the last few weeks of 2012. And then we’ll start to make new memories when 2013 comes!


One response to “// last post of the year?! ;;

  1. Marina December 2, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    Yay, looking forward to a new year! Even though this may be your last post of 2012, I do hope you’ll continue to do these little updates in 2013 as well. Hang in there in school; I know it can sometimes seem overwhelming and the teachers aren’t always the best, but hard work pays off in the end. My high school years are such a blur now, though I remember them feeling never-ending at the time.

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