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// tiiiiiiireeeed ;;

4 Umineko no Naku Koro ni Icons
— 2 Eva-Beatrice
— 2 Erika Furudo

— Yukine Miyazawa
1 Hayate no Gotoku! Icon
— Nagi Sanzen’in
Agh, I had to walk a lot today. Here’s a detailed description of my misery.
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// umineko challenges ;;


But anyway. Under the cut here (more) is the prizes to the challenges on the PS3 Umineko website. Enjoy~
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// yawnnn~ ;;

Jeez, I guess I was a bit tired today because I fell asleep on the ride to and from the reception. When we got there, I took a few pictures and such, the place was pretty nice, but the food wasn’t wonderful. We took a picture with the bride and groom before heading towards a table to sit at though.

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