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// last post of the year?! ;;

Considering I very rarely post to begin with, I think this might be my last post of the year…though I can’t guarantee it’s anything very interesting. But happy December, everyone!

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// exams!? ;;

Well, it’s definitely that time of year again! The beams of sun fluttering on our skin, the bursts of wind that smother our faces, the tapping of pencils as you sit in class waiting for the year to be over! 

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// hectic life, go! ;;

I’ve been a lot busier than usual, and a lot more tired than usual. I wish life could slow down at this point, I’m not sure how to keep up. ^^;

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// a slow-paced change ;;

Hey, everyone. I haven’t really posted about myself in a while, I’ve been pretty exhausted lately with school and a little bit of everything else in life. I recently turned 16 on the 10th of October and while I don’t feel like I’m 16, it’s hard to imagine that someone like me is older than most of the friends I have. Though age is but a number, sometimes it’s hard to ignore it!

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// aiming for the bulls-eye of the future ;;

With me, it’s constantly thinking about the future and debating on what I really want to do.
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