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// narcissu ;;

Decided to sub a video, and Narcissu Side 2nd’s OP inspired me to do that. Cheers.


Mini-Umineko EP8 Rant

No, I have not read the visual novel yet. But these are my impressions based upon the summaries of the visual novel that I have read. I don’t sound too excited, and I’m really not all that happy about it. Ryukishi has just been quite the… trickster troll. I cannot very well describe my feelings towards the path he decided to go with this visual novel. But I, for one, am not impressed with this episode nor have I been towards most of Chiru. But, I can’t really say I hate it either. I mean, it was a good series, but I just don’t like the direction it went from EP6.
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// Ever17 Dialogue ;;

True Route dialogue, just a snippet of something I found that was funny. :3
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// clannad moment ;;

Ah~~~ I was reading CLANNAD last night and it’s already got me squealing at 2 in the morning. ;w;

Also: I added a bunch of Umineko icons that I also posted on AnimeSuki.
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// umineko ep7 ;;

I’ll be updating this with interesting screenshots. I can’t wait until the translation patch comes out though.

There are obviously spoiler pictures, so please refrain from clicking… But there isn’t all that much information, as I myself can barely understand it. ;;

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